About Us...

Our designers and representatives will work with you to create an integrated approach to all of your identification needs, using all of our processes to provide unique looks and separate your brands from the rest of the field. Of course with so many unique products available we need to provide a solid and speedy manufacturing base - and we do. Our goal is to provide products on demand, and avoid the problems with inventories, min max’s and other stocking programs.

You will find our flat price solutions save you on costs and confusion.

Come enjoy the INTEGRAted experience, we are a full-line identification packaging supplier that can offer an exciting range of products, from the basics to the extraordinary.
We look forward to working with, and listening to you to establish identification that provide your products with the emphasis that they need.


  • Our facilities have fulfilled our customers’ requirements on compliance and code of conduct through stringent inspections conducted by independent audit companies.
  • Competitive Lead Times. We have a host of delivery solutions that are tailored-made to each customers buying pattern which may include min- max, keeping an inventory position or executing a rush order. These solutions are well thought out to create productivity and best value for customers.
  • Green Programs: We care about the environment, and make it our on-going effort to keep-up- to-date with all of the current enviromental and green trends in our field. We have facilities that are FSC Certified.




IntegraTrim Ltd.

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Telephone: 925.577.0271